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A short puzzle game where you team up with an AI. Part of #AIJAM. The game is a part of a research project done at GameDev lab at Charles University in Prague. Details on how the AI works are given in an EXAG 2015 presentation, source code at https://bitbucket.org/martin_cerny/coopaigame.


Left/Right, A/D to move. Space to progress through dialogues and to change the active character.


Press X,C,V simultaneously to skip to next level (I had no time to do a proper level select screen).

Enjoy playing!

This submission is a bit dishonest as being #AIJAM - I worked on the idea occasionally for about two months now, but AIJAM was the impulse to finally put the whole thing together.

Install instructions

Unpack to a folder and run the .exe.


Sarah_Sally_win32.zip 8 MB